Sometimes it rains plenty during the season and more water is not needed to maintain your lawn.  However, there are usually times during the year that we experience draught, NO rain and your lawn suffers for lack of nourishment, needed water.

In most areas where you see beautiful lawns there are irrigation systems that “kick-in” to keep proper moisture for the grass and the plants.  Over watering your lawn or under-watering the lawn is simply the wrong thing to do.

AllGREEN Grounds Management has installed hundreds of new Irrigation Systems within Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas.  Annual maintenance is needed and recommended to keep your system in the best working order. 

In late FALL we encourage all customers to have AllGREEN shut down their irrigation system to avoid the possibility of freezing in the pipes over the winter months.  It’s much cheaper to prevent trouble than the cost of repairs after the fact.

Following the Winter into early Spring is the time for us to return and restart your irrigation system once the threat of cold weather passes.  At the same time, our technicians will turn your system to “run” and make sure all sprinkler heads are working properly and pointed in the right direction for good water coverage. 

Our Technicians and Installers are well trained to manage your irrigation system for best area coverage, good water flow and always focus on reducing expenses for water and service calls whenever possible.  

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What Our Clients are saying

Melodi Ross (C.A. Short)

Allgreen has handled multiple locations for us and they have always done a fantastic job. They are always very responsive to any issues including irrigation repairs and any special requests.