Water Conservation

What’s our best option for combating the effects of the drought?

In times of drought and other water emergencies, using less water by increasing water
efficiency and managing demand through conservation is our best option. For this reason, we encourage public water system managers to plan ahead and set up interconnections to other water supplies, conduct water audits and adopt conservation based price structures to encourage citizens to conserve water.

Why are people asked to conserve water?

The water we receive from rainfall is the supply we have available. Some communities
store water in reservoirs and lakes while others depend on water available in underground aquifers. During drought, the amount of available water is reduced. Therefore, it’s essential that we reduce our use or demand for water so that there is enough available to meet our basic needs until conditions improve.

What’s the easiest way residents can conserve water so that their efforts can extend our available water supplies?

  1. Reduce bathroom water use. About half of all indoor water is used in the bathroom, where we flush toilets and bathe. Turn off water while lathering, shampooing, shaving and brushing teeth. Reducing showering time to five minutes can save an average of 20 gallons to 40 gallons of water a day.
  2. Reduce or eliminate outdoor irrigation. The typical single-family suburban household can use 30 percent of their water outdoors for irrigation. So, during times of severe drought reduce or eliminate outdoor irrigation.
  3. Fix leaks. Leaks account for about 15 percent of all household indoor water use. Check tub and sink faucets for drips and replace washers and “O-rings” as necessary. Put food coloring in your toilet tank. If the coloring shows up in the toilet bowl before flushing, replace the leaking flap. Turn off all water to your home and look at the readout dial on your water meter. If the dial moves, you have a leak.
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